Terms and Conditions

Orders Placed from Outside the UK: Orders placed in this online store and associated delivery charges are in either £ Sterling (GBP) by default or € (Euros) by selection. Paypal payments can be handled in either £ or € (including by most credit cards) with a 2% added surcharge.  If you are placing an order by Credit Card from outside the UK, conversion to your country's currency will be made at current rates the day the transaction is completed. Consult your credit card company for information on conversion rates. You will receive an email after placing your order with the actual charges for your country.

Purchase Orders are accepted for orders placed from the UK only. You must fax IIRP Europe UK Office (+44 (0)1229 750005) a copy of the approved official purchase order before your goods will be shipped. Our normal sales conditions are payment at the time of ordering, so where an invoice (backed by an official purchase order) is requested, payment is due within 14 days of receipt of the goods. We are a Non-Profit organisation wholly owned by our charity 'International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Europe' - Registered Charity No. 1106409, so prompt payment is appreciated.

PayPal account holders (and those wishing to pay by Credit Card) orders will be taken via PayPal secure server, which encrypts your personal information while it is being transmitted so that no unauthorised person can access it.

Cheques - orders being paid by cheque will not be shipped until the cheque has been received by IIRP Europe and cleared through our UK bank account. N.B. - This does not apply to official purchase order payment of invoice by cheque.