Roundtable Discussions #1& #2: BUNDLE

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Roundtable Discussions #1& #2: BUNDLE

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Roundtable Discussions #1 & #2: Restorative Strategies for Schools
DVD: #1: 52 minutes
DVD: #2: 56 minutes
Produced by the IIRP and SaferSanerSchools
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Four expert practitioners of restorative practices discuss how to address a range of disciplinary and behavioural issues in schools. An ideal tool for Heads to raise their faculty’s consciousness about restorative practices.
Restorative practices is an approach to classroom management and school discipline that holds young people accountable, while enhancing relationships among students, faculty, administrators and parents, and building a sense of community in the school.
Topics discussed in #1:
Attendance Issues (6:00) 
Acting Out in the Classroom (12:30) 
Bullying (12:45) 
When Circles “Don’t Work” (7:00) 
Working with Parents (13:20)
Topics discussed in #2:
Restorative Consequences 1 (12:20) 
Restorative Consequences 2 (6:40) 
Our Favourite Stories 1 (7:40) 
Our Favourite Stories 2 (10:10) 
Making Apologies (4:15) 
Showing Affect (5:20) 
Dealing with Difficult Situations (9:10) 
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1 - 1 of 4 results